Old Treasure

Visiting home and and cleaning up my old stuff found this treasure from circa 2001 WWDC campus visit. Too pretty to throw away this one is getting framed. I don’t usually collect things, though maybe someday I’ll have a study or office where it can hang. Happy times.    ... Read More

5 boro bike ride

I’m finally doing it. I’m going to do the 5 boro 40 mile ride. And hopefully finish If anyone would like to contribute I’m cycling in the charity teams for St Judes Hospital. Encouragement in the form of cheering from about the 20 mile mark onwards, or gatorade would also be well received.... Read More

Got Duplicates?

For a variety of reasons you might have duplicate computer entries in your JSS. If you have thousands of computers identifying them can be a pain – or even hundreds. Come renewal you also don’t want to be paying more than necessary in licensing. You can use the following MySQL query to identify the duplicate serial […]... Read More

Migrating a Casper installation

It’s that time again, you’ve probably been putting it off for a while, your somewhat old, so far reliable hardware is nearing the end of it’s service life. You’ve gone from a single distribution point, to multiple distribution points, and fail over distribution points too.. Now the Tomcat server needs a refresh, you might also […]... Read More