SSL Certificates and your Casper Infrastructure

Valid SSL certificates for your Casper Infrastructure should be part of your requirements. Hopefully you are able to get publicly trusted certificates ($$$), if not certificates from your company internal CA, or built in JSS CA are a reasonable second preference. Both the Casper web app hosts and HTTPS distribution points use SSL certificates. Each […]... Read More

Configuring Casper to use Load Balanced Distribution Points

  When using Casper, file share distribution points are usually entered, then scoped by building or network segment location. I have experienced numerous issues with relying on network segment scoping, and due to the time this takes to enter and maintain, where possible I prefer to use a load balanced distribution point architecture. When using load […]... Read More
IMG_2834 Almost Home IMG_2795

Taking A Break

There is nothing quite like that moment at the end of a 22 hour flight when you spot that first glimpse of home. A bright sunny day after the spanse of blue you spot the Sydney Harbour bridge, the apartment building you used to live in, and finally the runway at Sydney Kingsford Smith. Nothing better […]... Read More