Got Duplicates?

For a variety of reasons you might have duplicate computer entries in your JSS. If you have thousands of computers identifying them can be a pain – or even hundreds. Come renewal you also don’t want to be paying more than necessary in licensing. You can use the following MySQL query to identify the duplicate serial […]... Read More

Pumpkin Soup – Sorry Mum!

The best pumpkin soup (butternut squash) soup ever. The best impulse purchase I’ve made is my slow cooker – healthy food takes 10 minutes to prepare and is magically ready when I’m home from work. Did I mention it’s dishwasher safe? I’m lazy.. I found a recipe online, didn’t have the ingredients so I used what I […]... Read More

Migrating a Casper installation

It’s that time again, you’ve probably been putting it off for a while, your somewhat old, so far reliable hardware is nearing the end of it’s service life. You’ve gone from a single distribution point, to multiple distribution points, and fail over distribution points too.. Now the Tomcat server needs a refresh, you might also […]... Read More