Using Akamai as a Distribution Point (the missing notes)

Getting tired of maintaining Distribution Points? the load balancers? and scoping them to clients? so were we. Got regional performance problems? some new office opening in insert obscure location far away from the existing infrastructure… Time to think about using a cloud based service. Akamai ended up being our choice, however there were a few […]... Read More

do_not_upgrade_jamf – Part 2 – Prevention and Recovery

This post is a continuation from Prevention is better than cure. Right now – before you even think about upgrading, scope a policy to ALL of your fleet which runs the following command: defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf.plist do_not_upgrade_jamf 0 This will disable the flag, and allow your clients to upgrade. Deploy an agent to monitor the […]... Read More

A trojan called Eleanor

The malware writers are getting smart. Whilst the rest of us were busy eating hotdogs, watching fireworks and not thinking about work, Eleanor began to get some attention. (The more interesting questions are who is Eleanor, and what did she do to earn naming rights?) I haven’t seen an xprotect update.. though I’ve also […]... Read More

SSL Certificates and your Casper Infrastructure

Valid SSL certificates for your Casper Infrastructure should be part of your requirements. Hopefully you are able to get publicly trusted certificates ($$$), if not certificates from your company internal CA, or built in JSS CA are a reasonable second preference. Both the Casper web app hosts and HTTPS distribution points use SSL certificates. Each […]... Read More